Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quilt bees

I joined two flickr quilt bees the 4x5 modern quilt bee and the 3x6 sampler bee.  I only meant to join one, but I didn't hear for so long and the posted list of members kept being updated without my name, so I joined a signed up for a second one.  Then I found out I got into both of them.  That's ok, I have 3 months to make 9 blocks.  It won't be a problem.

I have a plan in place for the 4x5 bee.  I'm making interlocking wonky stars.  Here is my test block.
I'm ridiculously pleased with this block and it took me a couple of hours to make.  Most of that time was digging through scraps and walking back and forth across my kitchen.  I've been sewing in the kitchen for the last week because I had people over for a sewing night and I never moved everything back to the basement.

Here is my test block and the first block for the bee on the left.  Nydia asked for aqua, dark purple and lime.
These bees are highlighting some serious holes in my stash.  I'm really light on the jewel tones, dark purple, garnet, sapphire etc.  I'm even having a hard time finding them.  The two dark purples are a kona solid (berry, I think) and print from Connecting Threads.  The Central Park prints aren't dark, but they do have dark purple and aqua in them, so I used them.  The next few blocks will have grey as the background, I hope they turn out as well.

I'm thinking about trying paper piecing for the 3x6 bee.  One of my hive members doesn't like wonky and someone else is doing a Christmas quilt, so I think a paper pieced star is in order.  I feel like I'm on a star kick.  Ironic, I'm doing wonky for the first time and paper piecing for the first time, for the first two bees I've joined.

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