Sunday, November 6, 2011

The not so common rainbow quilt

I got my mom's rainbow quilt all finished up.  I hand sewed the binding so I can enter it in a show if I want.  It was also nice to have some hand work to take around with me.  I got a ton of compliments, even from the guys at the car dealership.

This quilt is so long it's almost impossible to get pictures by myself.  Fortunately, a new friend, Paula Reeves, came and took pictures for me.  She took pictures of most of the quilts I've made this year.  I think we're going to get together in the future so I can teach her how to quilt.  I love teaching people to quilt.

I've gotten a few good finishes recently, so I'm going to try and get those blogged, before I forget.  Without further ado, the not so common rainbow quilt*.
 I just love the way the dark border frames the rainbow.

 The quilting by Lana Corcoran is just a work of art.
All photos by Paula Reeves.

*I thought this was a good name, considering it started off as a Boston Commons quilt.


  1. so pretty! rainbows are so fun in quilts!

  2. Gorgeous! You're an amazing artist.