Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP wednesday

I don't have any in progress pictures because I'm working too fast to take pictures.  I can show you something I've finished recently.

First up, the Grinch blanket.

The front is mostly a panel with borders.

The back is pieced flannel.  I did a pillow finish on it and top stitched around the edge to hold everything in place.
 This was another one of those panels the kids saw at the store and had to have.  I just wanted to use it up quickly and make something they might use.  Now we have a Christmas blanket, that hopefully someone will use.

I found a project that isn't finished yet.  I'm making a tree skirt with my MOMS Club quilt group.  We started it in November and will finish it at our meeting in December.
This is my first time doing applique.  I have no idea why I was so afraid of it.  It's easy.  I'm printing out the words from my computer and then tracing on to the fusible web.  I found a great free font that is nice and chunky, plus it automatically makes most of the letters touch, which is just ideal for this use.  The font is called, and I kid you not, whoopass!  I didn't do any applique on the back two panels, because they're in the back.  My tree is in a corner and no one will ever, ever see the back two panels.

I love the ball trim, but my goodness it was a pain in the tush to use.  I sewed it to the top and batting then laid the back on top, right sides facing and sewed around again.  The ball were big enough, that the backing would not lay flat on top.  I was constantly smushing and pulling to make use I didn't end up with a big bubble on the back.  I think I was mostly successful, but I haven't quilt yet, so we'll see.

Here is a close up of the applique.
That font is Whoopass!  Hee hee,  I couldn't resist.

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  1. I love you tree skirt and quilt. Merry Christmas!!