Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Harvest Pillows redux

It's a good thing no one in the family reads my blog, otherwise I'd have nothing to talk about for the next month.  My mother in law decorates with what I like to call harvest colors- orange, yellow and brown.  Since I got her name in the Christmas draw, I knew what I was going to make her.  She had admired the set of harvest pillows I made for a friend, so I made her a set of her own.
 The two pillows on the right started off as orphan blocks leftover from the framed squares quilt I made my mother in law over the summer.  The top left incorporated a pillow top I trimmed too small for my friend's harvest pillows.  I added more batting and made it bigger and square to match the others.  the bottom left was all new.

 I tried new quilting ideas on two of these.  I just sewed random straight lines all over the pillow.  I just picked a starting point and when I hit the opposite side, I bounced off on a new angle until the whole thing was quilted.  I like the way the quilting is in juxtaposition with the rectilinear piecing.

This is the pillow that started off as another pillow.  I do love the quilt as you go techniques I learned over the summer.

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