Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

We're having a low key Thanksgiving.  Since we only have 3 adults and 2 kiddos for Thanksgiving, we tried to simplify, the fewer dishes the better.  Obviously, we're having a turkey.  Last year we followed the recipe for a roast turkey in the America's test kitchen cookbook.  It was the best turkey ever, so we're doing exactly the same thing this year, right down to the brand of turkey.  Clearly, gravy is a must.  I love mashed potatoes, so they made the cut.  Hubby has to have homemade noodles and broth.  His family pours the noodles and broth over the turkey and mashed potatoes.  Then we needed a veg.  We recently had good luck with roast brussel sprouts, so we're trying them again.  We originally decided to cut out the stuffing, because neither the hubby nor I really like it.  However, my mother is visiting and stuffing is very important to her, so it got added to the menu.  We're rounding out the meal with cranberry jelly, a pumpkin pie and some dinner rolls.  I'm guessing the kids will only eat the rolls and a bit of turkey.  Yeah, I think I have the only kids who don't like mashed potatoes.  They have NO idea what they are missing.  I usually use an entire stick of butter.

I wish we had more people, so I could also have baked mac n' cheese and a mocha whiskey cake.  Those aren't traditional Thanksgiving dishes, but they got added to the roster thanks to my uncle's kids, who we used to have Thanksgiving with.  I once asked S how he made his mac n' cheese so good.  He started saying something about a can of macaroni and cheese that he used as a base and I decided I didn't actually want to know what was in it.  And I think mocha whiskey cake speaks for itself.  Oh yeah, there's a lot of whiskey in the frosting.

What dishes make it Thanksgiving for you?

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