Monday, November 14, 2011

Manic Monday To Do Update

I'm going to try and keep this updated every week until Christmas with my to do list as it grows or shrinks.

Here is the list from last week.  I'm giving myself the deadline of Dec 16th, as that is when we will be leaving for the in laws Christmas.  Things like teacher gifts could be later, but won't I feel wonderful if everything is actually done by the 16th.  I now have 35 days to complete the following:

1 Advent Calendar
1 Christmas Tree Skirt (really I'd like to make 2, but I'll be ok with 1 finished)
1 quilt for my dad (only needs to be bound)
3 pillows for teachers (2 fronts done now need, backing and binding)
1 pillow for guild holiday exchange (due Nov 17)
1 gift for my mother in law (fabric gathered)
1 Grinch lap quilt for the kids (FINISHED)
16 machine embroidered dish towels to give along with jar of jam to school helpers and assorted others who should get small holiday gift
2 batches of jam to fill jars to give as small holiday gifts
6 blocks for 4x5 bee (4 blocks done, 2 to go)
7 blocks for 3x6 bee (I tried one test block and am back to drawing board, but I have an idea)

I'd like to get the following done
2 or more pillows for my living room
2 Christmas tree quilts for lisiting on etsy, the tops are already done, I just need to quilt them.
24 ornaments for the advent calendar
1 something with Flurry Charm pack that I found

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