Thursday, February 17, 2011

BGBGB quilt

Flickr and I have spent some quality time together tonight.  I love using flickr for research.  It's so easy to favorite anything that appeals and then be able to see them all together.

I'm thinking pinwheel blocks as alternate focal blocks.  Girly, shows of the fabric nicely, not too fussy, easy to use a bunch of different fabrics, size totally adjustable.  It looks like there was a pinwheel quilt along sometime last year.  If I can track that down, that would give me a bunch of different block ideas.  Then I just need to decide if I want to use one pinwheel block or a variety of blocks?

What do you think, pinwheels a good idea or not?

ETA- I found it.  It looks like Rachel at p.s. i quilt did the pinwheel quilt along a year ago.  I'm still thinking about this and would love some opinions.

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