Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Work in progress

I'm working on a new quilt design.  I usually come up with an idea, figure it out on graph paper and start cutting.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  This one looked great on paper.  The fabrics were luscious.  Then something happened when I started sewing it together.  I'm just not sure if it's going some where good.  Let's take a look, shall we?
It's hard to go wrong with this creamy lusciousness.  There's some Moda Pure in there among other yummies.
 Something isn't quite working.
I'm not feeling this one either.

What about a completely different direction?
I built some new blocks for the center and used the old ones as a border.  I love the optical illusion of the color gradation blocks.  I love the creamy color story.  I think I need more color contrast and to be honest I think the original blocks that I used in the border need to be changed.

What do you think?


  1. I love your creamy color story, too - this is beautiful! I think the last photo is great - I wouldn't change the border.

  2. There is something so rich, so classy, so simple, about this colour palette whether it be fabric projects, decor, or fashion divas. I luv it. I like the bigger blocks in the centre and I think the smaller blocks are a great border. Some white for a frame and/or for binding and it is to die for. To add a higher colur contrast will be a totally different look.

  3. I love the way the soft changes in color play across the quilt. This is going to be a treasure.

  4. I think the colour gradations in your third attempt are what make the quilt work. It's only after seeing all three versions that I might guess it's the somwhat regimented look of the first two that made them less than inviting.

    "Creamy lusiciousness" is a great way to describe these fabrics, and I think they're working well together because they're no longer being sectioned off from one another.

    In my opinion (since you asked), you'd have to use a different design if you are going to introduce little bits of higher-contrast colour.

  5. Love this color combo. I really like the last photo. I wish I could make a quilt like this, Maybe one day when I don't have kids in my house.

  6. I definitely think the color gradation is awesome. I love the subtly of it, however I was imagining something punchier. I'm working on another variation of this quilt with a bigger color variation, still in browns, beige and cream. Then I might graduate to trying it in different colors. Stayed tuned, I'll post the variants as I finish them. Oh and I do have two small children, they just think quilts are boring and don't mess with them.

  7. Hi, Eva! I came over from Workshop in Progress (my post is here).

    I actually really like the color palette! It has a very sophisticated air about it. The "different direction" layout in your last picture is my favorite. I think the squares framed in rectangles gives enough visual interest to make up for the muted color scheme. Maybe to add more contrast you could include more border blocks with the lighter frames?