Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard results and activities

You might have heard, in the midwest we had a blizzard last night.  School was obviously canceled, but surprisingly so was Hubby's work.  Once we got outside, we understood why.  There were drifts that were more than 2 feet high.  Hubby tried to get the ancient snowblower working, but it refused to start.  We both headed outside to see what kind of head way we could make.  We had barely started when a pick up truck with a snowplow asked if we would like some help.  Heck yeah!  The plow got all big drifts and even pushed the big piles of snow lining the driveway back so there's more room to toss more snow.  Hubby cleaned up the driveway and I tackled the front walk.  When we met at the big pile where the walk and driveway meet, it was like when the English and French crews met in the middle of the Chunnel.  We got it all done so quickly I didn't even have time to get before pictures.
I did get some neat pictures of the drifts in the backyard.  It looks like a wave, doesn't it?

With all this time on my hands, I took some pictures of Baby Girl's bedroom.  I posted about her big girl bed a few weeks ago, but didn't have any pictures because she was napping.  The Big Girl Bed post.

Here is her headboard, the pink gingham curtains and the 3 shades of green focal wall.

This is a detail of the chinoiserie toile bedding.  I bought crib sheets and matching full size sheets at the same time, so I'd be sure I got the sheets I love.  I found a bundle of shabby chic Tanya Whelan fabric on etsy, that picks up the pink, green and blue in the sheets.  I might spring for the bundle and then figure out what pattern I want to use.  I'd love to do some sort of sampler with many of the blocks being different, but still using the toile sheeting as fussy cut focals.  Fat Quarterly had a good looking pattern in a recent issue, I might have to think about that.

I want to use the two different toile crib sheets and the bumpers in a quilt for Baby Girl's big girl bed.
 I've got a variety of different pieces, all in silver frames, on the wall opposite the focal striped wall.  From left to right is a collage of wee monsieur when he was a baby, a postcard from the Surf Diva surf shop in San Diego (where Baby Girl was born), a piece of toile scrapbook paper and letters cut from scrapbook paper spelling her name.  I made the name piece the day before she was born.  I couldn't find a silver frame with the right number of holes cut in the matting so I got a black frame and rub-on silver leaf.  It turned out great and was so much cheaper than going the custom route.


  1. Love the colors of her room.

    Do *not* love the snow, though. ;-)


  2. It was such a happy coincidence that the colors the room was painted were perfect.