Monday, February 7, 2011

Trio of delights

What better way to start the evening than with a little fabric porn.  I got a yummy box from  From left to right we have Prayer Flag by Moda, (it was all on sale), a neutral Moda jelly roll, a Kona snow jelly roll and  some random stripes and patterns.  I can't resist a fabric sale, especially Moda.  Anyway, I got a prayer flag jelly roll, a layer cake and some yardage cuts of whatever they had left that looked good.  I'm rather tempted to try the postage stamp quilt from p.s. i quilt.  I know the quilt along is over, but whatever.  

Once a month my M.O.M.S. Club has a craft group that meets.  Today was craft group and the project was a pillow case using the magic, hot dog or burrito pattern.  I'm slowly collecting fabric for Baby Girl's quilt and thought I'd do some pillow cases to coordinate.  That's the great thing about shabby chic, mo' patterns, mo' better.
 I picked up a yummy green and white damask and paired it with a tiny rose and pink stripe.  I also used a big pink rickrack instead of a 3rd fabric.  A solid white would also have been good, but I didn't think of it at the time.  Don't be afraid to mix patterns.  I get into trouble more when I fail to mix patterns sufficiently than when I do mix them.
 This is a close up of my first french seam.  Manifique, oui?!

Finally, I finished up a name tag for myself.  When I went to my first quilt guild meeting, everyone had the most beautiful handmade name tags.  It's a name tag, so it can't be very big and it has to be legible.  Those are hard parameters to work with.  I finally decided on something simple and used my embroidery machine to whip something up.  The pattern is from Urban Threads.  I got to use some truly tiny scraps for the applique.  I've been in a neutrals mood recently, so this fit the bill to a T.   The binding was another too thin to use scrap that I had saved.  There was just enough to turn under on both sides and catch with a needle.  The purple ribbon in the bottom left corner is for bringing a completed quilt for show and tell.  You get a ribbon for every quilt you bring in, but it has to be completely finished, binding and everything.

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