Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WIP- Baby Girl's Big Girl Bed Quilt, AKA BGBGB Quilt

As you may remember, or not (probably not), I'm planning a quilt for Baby Girl's bed. She is closer to 3 than she is to 2.  It was time and we finally bit the bullet and got her a big bed.  Now, that is an excellent excuse to make a quilt if I ever heard one.  I showed some pictures of her room here.  Basically, I've done a pink, green and white shabby chic thing.  I've been collecting fabric here and there and just got a wonderful collection of half yards from Tanya Whelan's line Delilah.
Isn't it yummy.  I have some more fabrics that should coordinate, like the pillow cases I made last week.

Here is the Delilah fabric next to the crib sheet that I want to fussy cut and use as focal squares.  There is just a bit of blue in the sheets which gets pulled out nicely.

 When I bought Baby Girl's crib bedding, I bought the matching full sized sheets too, so she'd have them for her future big girl bed.  I love toile and I particularly love a chinoiserie toile.  I lusted over this bedding in the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue for a year before I got pregnant and found out I was having a girl.  There was NO WAY I was going to let it get away from me.

As you can see the fabric has a fairly large repeat.  The pink toile scene is from another crib sheet, which is available for use in this quilt.  I think I'm looking at at least an eight inch square to fussy cut the scenes.  I won't have that many focal squares and I just can't decide what sort of pattern to use.  
Part of me thinks it would be fun to do a sort of sampler with a bunch of different blocks.  Part of me thinks that is insanity.  None of me wants to cut into the sheets until I'm sure I know what I'm doing.  This PBK line is so out of production I couldn't even find a stock image online.  I'm not going to cut up the full sized sheets, so I only have these two crib sheets to work with.

I have the pattern for this quilt, Spring Thyme by Nancy Mahoney, and keep coming back to it as a starting point.
The focal squares are only 4.5 inches and I need around 8 inches.  Then there's the overall size.  that quilt is only 64 inches on a side and I need a full bed size.  I like the frames around focal squares and I like all the different prints used in the background.  I'd probably loose the double border, since that isn't my style, but other than that it's a good starting point.

I still go back to the idea of a sampler quilt.  I'm stuck.  Any suggestions would be most welcome.  Send me some links.


  1. I just love those prints.


  2. I think if you took this pattern and doubled everything it would solve both problems. You would have the size you need for the fussy cut blocks and the quilt would be big enough. So, you would cut 9 in focal squares and if the strips around those are 1" finished, they would be 2" finished in your quilt. It's a very cute pattern.

  3. I'm with you on the toile. Luv it! The pattern is nice and your fabrics are wonderful. But a sampler... A keepsake... What does this block represent, mom? ;^)

  4. Tapestry- I was working doubling everything last nigh. I think I figured out I'd need 25 focal blocks and surrounding sashing. I'm not going to get anything close to that fussy cutting the crib sheets. Then I was thinking about doing a variety of traditional blocks for the other centers, but then I think that might look weird.

    Elle- I actually wrote a paper on chinoiserie toile on college. I LOVE it. Maybe I should go find some more toiles for the centers of the other blocks to round out what I need. But it would be good to try a bunch of new block patterns. I thought about the blockapalooza blocks, but I think they would be too intricate for this quilt.

  5. I think alternating the fussy cut toile with patchwork blocks would be nice. If you are concerned about it looking too chaotic, you could use just one block design and varry the colors/fabrics used for each one. Or, you could choose 2-4 similar pieced blocks, which share a common element to provide continuity.

    Those sheets are very pretty :)

  6. Allison- what block would you suggest?

  7. Two patterns from Quilt Dad come to mind.


    Both could be adapted to showcase your toile.