Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WIP- Baby Girl's Big Girl Bed quilt

I'm continuing to play around with design ideas for the BGBGB quilt.  I mocked up something last night and I think it will work.

 I still haven't been able to bring myself to cut the crib bedding yet.  I did one set of sashing and corner blocks just to see how everything looks together.  I'm so happy I found a purpose for every fabric in the half yard packs I bought.
I had been thinking about getting solid green and pink for the framing on the focal blocks.  Then I realized the green and pink with white pokka dots would work perfectly and use everything I bought.  The busy blue print for the corner square is the only one I'm not sure about.  I thought the simple blue with white floral that I used in the sashing would be too blue and draw too much attention if I used it in the corner squares.

It makes a huge difference mocking the block up vs just having the fabrics piled up.
Here is the inspiration pattern again.


  1. Hi Eva Marie,
    I always admire persons making these patchwork quilts! Lovely classic fabrics! The inspiration quilt seems to be working with depths, the corner stones falling being behind the feature squares. If that is what you want indeed, I would go for a lighter blue which drops back- or some fabic that has no really red/fuchsia/orange colors as they spring forward.

    How are you planning the baby quilt? Same pattern but less squares? Or would it be the same but in smaller dimensions ...?? Really like to see how it all turns out!!

  2. Very pretty! Piano key borders are my favorite. The center of the blocks in my quilt are 10" I cut the Flower Sugar into 10" squares. Hope this helps :)

  3. Love those colors and fabrics! Very girlie.