Monday, February 14, 2011

Framed Values or something like that

I've been working on a aversion of this quilt with more contrast.
I came up with this.
 It's really hard to come up with a four shade gradation of one color with the stock available at the smallest JoAnn's EVER.  the light shade is a bit light when next to the white sashing and the two darker shade are a bit too close.  I still think it works pretty well.

Then I decided I should try a more complicated border.  I did half square triangles (HST's) for the first time.  Pretty easy except for the trimming.  I won't be trying those again, until I save my pennies for a lazy susan cutting mat.  Now that I think about it, I have a large lazy susan on the dinning room table, maybe I should try that out.
 I liked how the border plays with values in a completely different way than the center blocks.  However, I think there's too much going.  Next time I'm going to go with a simple piano key border.
My HST's didn't turn out too badly for my first try.  bigger would be easier too.  Those little HSTsuckers are only 2.5 inches on a side.  The whole quilt is 45 inches on a side.

Next I'm going to try the pattern in different colors.  Stay tuned.

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