Monday, February 7, 2011


I LOVE leftovers.  I always cook too much so there is leftovers and I buy too much fabric so there is leftovers.  I took some of the extra blocks from the zig zag quilt and whipped up this little one for a friend who had a baby girl recently.  This is their 3rd girl, so I know she is totally set for clothes and toys, but one can never have too many quilts.

I love this color palatte.  It's so fresh and girly, but goes with any decor.  I didn't have enough of the lavender feather to bind this quilt completely so I added in some yellow.
 I also did a scrappy back.  Gotta use up every square inch of fabric.  when you are making a lap or baby quilt, both sides will be seen so you might as well do something pretty on the back.  I was careful when I did the binding to get the yellow binding over the lavender fabric in the backing so it would show up nicely.
I even quilted this one.  I did straight lines on either side of every seam.  I honestly don't like the quilting to be too dense.  The piece gets really stiff.  I'm still practicing my free motion quilting, but I probably won't tackle the real thing for quite a while.  Straight lines are completely acceptable for quilting.
I'm just waiting on some new labels I ordered before I mail it off.  I ordered some twill tape labels  that are embroidered from a seller on etsy to use on my quilts.  I ordered some with the date and some with out.  I'll use up the dated ones first and use the non dated ones on older pieces.  Hopefully, I'll have to order a bunch more soon!  I'm on a roll.  This makes 3 start to finish completed quilts so far this year and 1 pieced top and back delivered to the long arm quilter.  I'm going to count that as 4 quilts so far this year.  Coming up I have my Modern Quilt Guild challenge quilt, a lap quilt for my MIL and FIL's 40th anniversary, a full sized quilt for baby girl's big girl bed plus various other projects.

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