Saturday, February 5, 2011

Where the water meets the land completed

I finished sewing the binding this morning.  I curled up on the couch with a big mug of tea, the quilt and the remote.  I let the kids watch cartoons so I could sew in peace.

My quilter had suggested I try a 2 inch binding.  (She says she cuts hers to 1 and 7/8.)  That's 2 inches wide folded in half and sewn down to the front.  Then you fold the fabric over the raw edge and hand sew it to the back.  I think I'll stick with a 2.5 inch binding strip.  It was so tiny that I had to trim the edge of the quilt down to bare nubbin in order to have enough to fold over and cover the stitching line on the back.  Now I know I prefer a 2.5 inch binding and there's no shame in that.

Here we have "Where the water meets the land"
 Do you like my new photography studio space?  It's the hall closet.  Our house is open concept and has high ceilings and huge windows.  There are basically no walls.  I finally found that the crown molding over the hall closet is reachable and nice, but indirect light.  Those spiffy quilt hangers were very expensive and hard to find.  They clamp gently but firmly to the top of the quilt and then can be conveniently hung over the molding for display.  No, I'm just kidding.  Those are wooden pants hangers from target.  You get 4 for $4.50.  Wait until I show you my custom designed quilt display...

 Can you guess why I'm showing this image?  It does show the quilting nicely, but I also shows some of the more egregious places where the corners don't even come close to lining up.  Yes, I could have gone back and fixed them, but the pieces on the quilt are about the size of a quarter or smaller in some places.  Even if I fixed those pieces then other pieces would have gotten off.  So the lesson here is match up the corners where there is a dramatic color change and let go the corners where the color shift is subtle.  Even then you'll never see them once the quilt is quilted and hung or used.
Today's lesson- Don't sweat the small corners.


  1. Oh, E, it's just so lovely, even if the corners don't match up. It looks fine to me.


  2. Thanks. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. When I finished piecing the top I was upset about the mismatched corners and how it sort of bunched up because the seams were SO close together, but after it was quilted I think it's amazing. I'm rather tempted to go find the book and try another pattern from it.

  3. There's definitely no shame in a 2.5" binding! I couldn't even imagine doing a 2"...sounds like more trouble than it's worth! Stick with what works for you!

  4. that is really really lovely! And what a fabulous name too! ; )