Monday, February 21, 2011

framed squares

I've been working on finishing the framed squares quilts.  I think I'll make the pattern once or twice more and then write it up.  Here is the second version.
The higher contrast definitely makes more impact.

I quilted it stitching in the ditch around the sashing and then in a square spiral in the ditch for the center squares.  The border blocks got simple Xs. 

 I was going to do something free motion, but I chickened out.  I did a couple of tests, but just wasn't happy with my free motion skills.  I also thought about straight line quilting, but couldn't figure out what color to use.  I thought there was enough going, without adding more to it.

I ended up LOVING the backing.  I used the fabrics from the front and then two coordinating fabrics.
I used a dark brown with black dots for the binding.
I really want to start on Baby Girl's quilt, but I feel terrible about starting a big new project, before I wrap up the works in progress.  I need to keep feeling guilty about starting new projects before the old ones are done or I'll end up with a huge stack of quilt tops.  I hate quilting.  This little lap quilt didn't take too long, but I just don't like quilting.  I was happy to sit and hand sew the binding in comparison.  

Up next is the first version in cream and beige.

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